Trump’s Feud With Megyn Kelly Is Putting Fox News In An Uncomfortable Position (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been engaged in an on again-off again war of words with Fox News host Megyn Kelly. It started when Kelly asked Trump some rather pointed questions about his attitude towards women during the first Republican presidential debate. It died down for a while, then flared again when Kelly returned from what Trump called an “unscheduled vacation” during a string of tweets on August 24.

The feud between Trump and Kelly was the topic of discussion on MSNBC, where Ari Melber engaged in a conversation about it with New York reporter Gabriel Sherman. Sherman, author of the book The Loudest Voice In the Room, about Ailes and the Fox News media machine, says that he has never seen anything quite like what is going on between Fox and Trump. Sherman says, “I have never seen this kind of ppen warfare. To me it represents a new chapter in the history of conservative media.”

Sherman sees the feud as a potential problem for Fox. He tells Melber:

“Donald Trump supporters are the loyal Fox News audience. And Donald Trump has rallied his base of supporters, essentially, against Fox News and Megyn Kelly. And Roger Ailes can’t have that daylight between the two of them (Trump supporters and Fox News).”

Sherman says that Ailes basically worked out a truce between Trump and Kelly. But now, thanks to his Twitter explosion, Trump has gone back into attack mode.

One thing’s for sure. Whether you love Donald Trump or hate him, having him around certainly makes things interesting.

Here’s the full conversation between Melber and Sherman, via Media Matters:

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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