Trump’s Disgusting Comments About The Brussels Attack Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach (TWEET)

Brussels is a beautiful city. It is a center of fashion, art, and culture in Belgium. Brussels ranks as one of the must-see destinations in any European guidebook, and for good reason. Good food, friendly people, beautiful architecture and a diverse culture that has a little bit of something for everyone.

The world was rocked On Tuesday with the news that a series of suicide bombs had disrupted this magnificent city, killing at least two dozen people. As reports came in and relief efforts began, one man — one American asshole — felt the need to exploit the fear of terrorism by pandering to his supporters in the most disgusting of ways.

In a single tweet, Donald Trump managed to not only miscategorize Belgium and it’s crown jewel city, Brussels, and all of its people, he managed to make Americans once again embarrassed and ashamed that he has anything to do with representing us:

Brussels is today the same beautiful place it was yesterday. As for safe, there’s this thing happening right now called the global threat of terrorism. Fanatics are out to kill people for being happy, democratic and free. There is no reasoning with them; it’s just what they do. We read dozens of stories every day about our law enforcement and that of countries around the world thwarting terrorist plots and bringing maniacal killers to justice. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to stop them all.

Donald Trump isn’t helping to make the world a better place, he’s helping to make terrorism successful. There’s a reason they call it “terrorism,” Donald. They want people to be “terrorized.” They thrive on it. When we give in to the fear and allow the threats to change how we live, how we govern and how we treat others is when they high-five and celebrate their win.

Considering the source, it’s fair to say the statement was made by someone used to being a loser.


Featured image via Gage Skidmore

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