Trump’s Disgraced Campaign Manager STUNS CNN Panel By Going Birther (VIDEO)

In a move that surprised nobody, I’m sure, Donald Trump’s disgraced former campaign manager and CNN contributor Corey Lewandowski went full birther while sitting in with Don Lemon on CNN’s Tonight with Don Lemon.

And he stunned the entire panel while doing so, too. If this doesn’t have the execs at CNN wondering what they were thinking, well . . . was there ever really hope for CNN to begin with?

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“Just Asking”

“Birferism” has to be among the stupidest of the Zombie Memes that the right-wing has spawned. They can’t handle the idea that there’s a black man who legitimately won twice, so they look for any little excuse they can to defame him.

And in the rheological bubble that ensconces their reality, “birferism” provides that solace.

Trump himself is a “Birfer.” He has been from the beginning; Trump jumped aboard this particular conspiracy theory almost as soon as he could — he wasn’t even running for office.

So shocking as it may be, learning that Corey Lewandowski is a birther really shouldn’t surprise anyone. I mean, he worked with Trump.

But he still managed to stun an entire CNN panel by going full “birfer” on Tuesday while sitting across from Don Lemon and guest Angela Rye — the latter of whom promptly stepped up to put Lewandowski in his place.

Lewandowski began by whining about President Obama campaigning for Hillary Clinton, noting, “the president of the United States has an obligation to still govern the country” and “I just think that the decorum of the presidency of the United States, the East Room is not the place to engage in those partisan attacks.”

Angela Rye fired back, noting that Trump’s been attacking the President since before his campaign began — and she brought up his history with the birther movement as proof, saying, “He is the one who was the spokesperson for the birther movement, and was calling for transcripts for — and saying the president was an affirmative action admittee of Harvard.”

Then Lewandowski stunned everyone:

Well, you raised the issue, I’m just asking. You raised the issue, did he ever release his transcripts or his admission to Harvard University? You raised the issue, so just “yes,” or “no.”

He’s just asking, y’all. He already knows what he believes and you can’t change his opinion, but he’s totally just asking questions.

Rye had the perfect response to these dishonest lies, though:

Corey? Just a moment, I’m going to Beyoncé you. Boy, bye. You just so out of line right now, tell your candidate to release his tax returns.

Lewandowski went on to insist that Rye “brought the issue up,” but by that time, he’d already revealed himself to be what he was — a disingenuous ass willing to repeat the stupidest zombie memes. And Angela Rye called him out for it perfectly.

Watch the video below:

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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