Trump’s Defense For Staying Up All Night Ranting Is So Bad That The Internet Just HAD To Mock It

Everyone knows by now that Trump stayed up all night tweeting unhinged rants regarding his ongoing feud with former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado. Never one to let anything go, Trump continued his bizarre form of Twitter self defense into the day, culminating in a pathetic excuse for his nutty behavior that should have anyone, regardless of political leanings, very concerned about the idea of this man with the nukes. Trump tweeted:

The internet wasn’t having it, though. Mockery of his continued efforts to remind the world that he is the craziest person to ever run for president quickly ensued. Here are just a few of those gems:

And those are just the beginning. The reassuring thing here is the fact that there are plenty of Americans who see how absolutely crazy and dangerous it would be to give this man the nuclear codes. Trump is unraveling at the seams, and there are still six weeks left in this election cycle. Who wants to bet on a complete and total nervous breakdown between now and November 8th?

Just pop the popcorn and keep watching, folks. This will definitely be entertaining, but remember – VOTE BLUE this November, to keep this fascist, unhinged hamburlgar out of the Oval Office.

Featured image via Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

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