Trump’s D-Bag Kids Murder Big Game While Chelsea Does Remarkable Things For Elephants

On Friday’s edition of Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill started the show by speaking with Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle. They commenced their one on one chat with Maher discussing Trump’s cartoonish villain sons’ big game hunts, with Pacelle juxtaposing it to Chelsea Clinton’s magnanimous efforts to protect elephants. So it got me thinking: what exactly does Chelsea Clinton do with respects to elephants?

I will never write off Bernie Sanders and his indefatigable efforts to fight for ordinary people, but it is looking more and more like Hillary Clinton will become the Democratic nominee. And unlike Trump’s douchebag kids, Chelsea has lived a very noble private life. Case in point, her fight to ensure that dickless animal poachers do NOT collect and trade the ivory from their elephant kills.

Ivory has long been venerated for its exquisite beauty and durability. And as rich people have become even richer in recent years, the demand for ivory has risen. Exploiting this growing demand among rich a-holes, traffickers increasingly are relying on aggressive poaching tactics. Most of the poachers now include terrorist organizations such as the Lord’s Resistance Army, who are using the sale of illegal ivory to fund terrorism. Tragically, this covert poaching has taken the lives of more than 32,000 elephants every year. But in 2013, the Clinton Global Initiative, part of her family’s charitable foundation, announced an $80 million program to protect Africa’s elephants and end ivory trafficking, in coordination with several conservation groups. Chelsea has been instrumental in ensuring that they follow through with its commitment. Moreover, she has been the one pressing for aid.

My mom and I both realized independently that we were facing a real poaching crisis, said Clinton, who is vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, which her mother joined after stepping down as secretary of state in 2013. We knew we had to do something.

The large attention that Chelsea has brought to the issue has helped conservation advocates in some places, including Kenya, get the necessary funding sources and access to cutting-edge anti-poaching research.

For example, in Samburu, Kenya, roughly 90 elephants wear GPS collars that alert researchers when the animals are stationary — and potentially  injured by poachers — or running through a zone threatened by poachers. Although the Clinton Foundation doesn’t directly fund the project, it has tremendously helped connect Samburu-based Save the Elephants with other donors.

So while Trump’s sociopathic d-bag kids murder big game to satisfy their lust, Chelsea is fighting to make sure that such species are NEVER harmed.

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