Trump’s Creepy Obsession With His Own Daughter Just Went From Weird To Ridiculous (TWEETS)

Donald Trump’s unhealthy obsession with his daughter just got a little bit creepier, if that’s at all possible. After stating publicly that he would date her because of how “hot” she is, his obsession with her was thrust into the spotlight. First, there was the picture that surfaced of a teenage Ivanka in an odd pose with her hand on his face in what looks like a cover for a 1980s “Taboo” movie:


It’s just…odd. Then there was the talk show where Trump declared that his first thought for an answer when asked what they had in common, was “sex.” As if that weren’t disturbing enough, a story arose about Trump asking complete strangers if Ivanka was “hot” when she was a teenager helping him set up one of his beauty pageants.

In his latest show of unnatural affection for his own daughter, Trump sent out this tweet:

What’s so creepy and wrong about Trump thinking his daughter would make a great president? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

First of all, The overtone of the tweet shows what qualities he thinks are important in a woman. If she isn’t young and beautiful — which to Trump is only skin deep — she may as well be chopped liver. Trump’s obsession with Ivanka wouldn’t allow him to even bother thinking of another woman, which he seems incapable of doing anyway. He couldn’t possibly have chosen someone with a clue or a background in politics. Not while Ivanka lives and breathes.

Yes, we all take pride in our children, but given the history of strange photographs, the odd remarks about dating and sex and his obvious contempt for every woman in the world besides her, Trump has once again shown that there is only one girl for him, and unfortunately for those who vomit easily, that girl is his own daughter.

Featured image by Evan Agostini/Getty Images

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