Trump’s Crazy Twitter Feud With ‘Hamilton’ Cast Leaves CNN Host Literally Speecheless

News anchors and commentators usually have a lot to say. After all, they talk on television for a living, and they want their views to be heard. However, now that Donald Trump is no longer just a candidate but is indeed the president-elect, his continued unhinged rants on Twitter – this time at the cast of the wildly popular Broadway show Hamilton: An American Musical – left CNN’s Brian Stelter with nothing to say. Stelter said, after reading Trump’s latest tweet live on air:

“I’m speechless.”

Now, this is a significant reaction, because we all know that there is plenty to talk about when it comes to the horrible reality that we are facing a Donald Trump presidency. However, I can see how Stelter and others wouldn’t know what to say, considering that we’re literally facing the very real future of having a crazy man running the free world.

When he found his voice again, Stelter then mused aloud about the possibility of Trump’s continuing to use his unhinged personality and wild Twitter rants to continue public feuds – likely in an effort to stop people from talking about the outrageous situation that is the Trump team’s transition efforts.

Charles Blow, who writes for the New York Times, had an interesting observation, though: Perhaps Trump is unable to have a wider vision of the world outside of his native New York City. Blow said:

“It’s almost if he has not moved completely into the realm of being president of the entire United States. He’s still obsessed about New York City. And that includes New York City media.”

Perhaps Blow is right. Either way, the whole thing is frightening as hell. We’re on a plane that a lunatic is about to be flying, with no way off.

Watch the video below:

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