Trump’s Cheap ‘Made In China’ Scarves Getting Recalled Due To Flammability Issues

Donald Trump wants to make America Great Again. He’s not sure exactly how he will do this, but he’s got a sh*t load of hats with it emblazoned across the front of them so apparently that’s good enough. But even if his hats say “Make America Great Again,” his scarves should say “Make America Flammable Again.”

According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, a federal agency has recalled upwards of 20,000 scarves made under the Ivanka Trump brand for failing to meet basic flammability standards. The Donald’s whole selling point (besides his stupid name being everywhere) is that he “knows business.” If cutting corners, relying on cheap foreign labor in unsafe workplaces, and skimping on quality is good business then….wait, that actually is how big business operates these days.

It seems the recall affects Trump’s Brushstroke Oblong and Beach Wave scarves, both of which are made entirely of rayon. Although it sounds like a marvel superhero, rayon is actually a very cheap fabric that doesn’t  age very well. Oh, and it’s freaking FLAMMABLE with Darwin Award written all over it.

Via the WSJ:

The 100% rayon scarves, manufactured in China and embroidered with the name of the daughter of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump ‘do not meet the federal flammability standards for clothing textiles, posing a burn risk,”’the Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a notice. No injuries or incidents associated with the product have been reported, according to the agency.

In other words, the bankruptcy guru was putting massive profits before the health and safety of consumers. How very noble of him. While we have one presidential candidate in Bernie Sanders who has devoted his life to the people’s interests, the Republican frontrunner has devoted his life to giving the people dangerous crap. Apparently now he wants to do this on a much bigger stage.

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