Trump’s Campaign Paid Thousands Of Dollars To A Fake Ad Agency

Donald Trump’s campaign is basically broke. Not only is it almost broke, with just a little over a million dollars in its coffers, but they way he has spent that money is making a lot of people scratch their heads. For instance, as we reported earlier, he has paid his own businesses more than a million dollars. However, that isn’t even the worst of it. Apparently, Trump’s campaign has paid a fake ad agency thousands of dollars for web advertising.

ThinkProgress’ Judd Legum was poring over Trump’s Federal Election Commission filing and found something very strange:

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Not only is that ad agency fictional, the name is very similar to the “Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce” ad agency in AMC’s popular show Mad Men. When Mediaite Googled the address of this company, they found no business, just a suburban house in New Hampshire. It’s hard to image that Donald Trump would give someone thousands of dollars to do advertising for his campaign if they didn’t even have a proper office.

When the billionaire was asked about his campaign’s dire finances this morning, his response was that they didn’t matter because he “knows money better than anybody.” This assertion is absolutely hilarious because someone who knows “money better than anybody” would probably know how their money is being spent. That forces us to look at the possible reasons he would pay a fake ad company to do work for him. I can only come up with one reason someone who “knows money better than anybody” and that is maybe he knew the company was fake and it is a front for something else.

Mediaite, however, is reporting another possibility:

So what going on? Well there are two circumstantial clues. The first is that “Draper Sterling” is located a fifteen-minute drive and a town over from the hometown of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. The second…

With Lewandowski’s recent termination, that is something to think about but what is certain is that something fishy is going on and Trump’s supporters should think long and hard before giving him any of their hard earned money.

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