Trump’s Campaign Manager Hires Attorney Who Resigned From DOJ After Biting A Stripper (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s campaign manager was arrested this morning for assault, and guess who he chose as his defense attorney. Just guess. He seriously decided that the best lawyer Trump’s money could buy is a guy that had to resign in disgrace from the DOJ for biting a stripper.

Corey Lewandowski was slapped with a battery charge after he was caught on camera grabbing reporter Michelle Fields by the arm and flinging her so hard that he left bruises. At the time, Fields was covering the Trump campaign with Breitbart and was trying to ask the Republican front-runner a question as he walked away from the podium.

So, who better to represent a man who thinks it’s okay to shove a woman who has angered him than Kendall Coffey, a man who has his own violent history with women who displease him. Coffey stepped down from the Justice Department in 1996 after it came out that he had bitten a stripper at a nightclub during an argument.

Coffey apparently went out to party at the Lipstik nightclub in an attempt to drown his sorrows over losing a case. He then reportedly spent $900 on a bottle of champagne and ended up in a dispute with an exotic dancer who was working in the club, so he bit her badly enough to break the skin. After an investigation that proved his denials of the incident were bullshit, Coffey resigned from the DOJ.

Katrina Pierson, spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, appeared on CNN to defend the decision to keep Lewandowski on as campaign manager. Cruz Campaign National Chairman Chad Sweet slammed the campaign and the choice to hire Coffey.

You’ve got your candidate at your rallies saying he will pay the legal bills of those who engage in physical violence. It should be no surprise that we see this same culture reflected even at the campaign manager level.

You can’t make this stuff up. Corey [Lewandowski] has selected for his defense counsel Kendall Coffey, who was a disgraced U.S. Attorney under Clinton that had to resign in 1996 because why? He bit a stripper.

Pierson tried to deny that Coffey was representing Lewandowski. “Scott Richardson is Corey Lewandowski’s attorney!” she exclaimed. CNN host Wolf Blitzer quickly shut her down, pointing out that the statement released lists both Scott Richardson and Kendall Coffey as his attorneys.

Sweet then said what we are all thinking at this point:

It says a lot that you would choose a counsel in any role whatsoever that formerly bit a stripper and had to resign in disgrace.

Watch the exchange on CNN here, via Rawstory:

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