Trump’s Campaign Manager Attacks Hillary Over Bill’s Affairs, Forgets Trump Is On His 3rd Wife

While Donald Trump flails about, name-calling and knee-jerking over every perceived slight, Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s newest soon-to-be-disgraced campaign manager, promised on Friday that they would “pivot to the substance.”

On Friday, this is what she told Sean Hannity:

“We’re gonna pivot to the substance. I challenge them, I challenge Robby Mook and Hillary Clinton to meet us on the substance. If I can do anything in this campaign as his campaign manager, it’s gonna be to, people want to talk about the silly pivot, let’s pivot to the issues. Let’s talk about what’s bothering Americans. What they want the next president of the United States to do.”

To demonstrate, on Wednesday Conway indulged in an attack on Hillary Clinton that could be generously characterized as pure gossipmongering soundbite politics.

Conway told British interviewer Matt Frei:

“Hillary Clinton is a bore who many voters think is not trustworthy and not honest. Her husband’s problem was that he had casual relationships with other women. Hillary’s problem is she has a casual relationship with the truth”

It isn’t clear really which word from her challenge is confusing to her: “substance” or “pivot.” Perhaps both? Either way, this little magpie stunt seems to be par for the course for the Trump camp with nary a pivot in sight.

Bringing up Bill Clinton’s alleged and real sexual exploits as an attack on his wife, calling Hillary names, and using an ad hominem attack against Hillary’s veracity are all staples for Trump and his surrogates. It is hard to believe that she ever intends to “pivot to the substance” unless the substance they want to talk about is rumors, RWNJ propaganda, and straight-up conspiracy theories peppered with third-grade put downs. Also, it should be noted that Donald Trump is on his 3rd wife and has spent decades bragging about all the women he’s cheated on his multiple wives with. Maybe Conway thinks “substance” is the same as “blinding hypocrisy”?

Of course, she also likes to use personal attacks like saying that Hillary has a “shrill awful voice.” Oh, and has said in the past when she was a Ted Cruzite that she hates name calling. Hmmm.

That isn’t a pivot, it is business as usual for the Trump Campaign.

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