Trump’s Campaign Hangs By A Thread As Former Instructor Exposes Trump University Scam

Trump is in legal trouble. A lot of legal trouble. Curiously, he’s in the same kind of criminal legal trouble Hillary Clinton is supposed to be in except no one had to invent it. As more people come forth and testify against Trump University, the more obvious it is that Trump bilked millions from gullible people and ruined their lives for a profit.

In other words, Trump is everything that his voters claim they hate: a greedy 1%er that destroys people’s futures to fatten his wallet. A cheap con man playing them for votes. You know, Donald Trump.

The latest blow to Trump’s not-so-carefully constructed public image is from James Harris, one of the instructors at the now-defunct Trump University. Harris was supposed to teach people how to get rich selling real estate buuuuuut….

I was told to do one thing,” James Harris, a Trump University instructor, told the Washington Post in an interview published Saturday. “And that one thing was . . . to show up to teach, train and motivate people to purchase the Trump University products and services and make sure everybody bought. That is it.

Trump and his legal team are insisting that he’s lying and they might have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for all that pesky evidence:

Manuals guided instructors on how to convince students to sign up for more courses and extend their lines of credit.

“When asked about your income, take your current income and add $75,000 from your real estate enterprise,” said an instructor script for a seminar titled “Fast Track to Foreclosure Investing.”

Yeah, when your university’s course material focuses more on how to manipulate your students instead of teaching them anything useful, your university is a scam. Oh, and according to the International Business Times:

Trump promised to hand-pick instructors who would help students achieve success in real estate. But lawsuits allege that seminar attendees were taught by people with little to no experience in real estate who were not selected by Trump.

Now, none of this will affect his base. Despite claiming to be mad at the rich for stealing their jobs and future, Trump’s followers really only care about putting “Those People” back into their place. As long as Trump gets on a stage and tells them that they’re better than “Those People,” they will vote for him even if he was arrested for pedophilia.

But it will affect the rest of the electorate. Moderate Republicans are already leery of voting for a buffoon but a criminal buffoon? That might be a bridge too far. Independents don’t know a whole lot about Trump other than he’s a loud-mouthed reality TV star, but when they find out that he’s a grubby conman? They won’t be voting for him, either. And liberals hardly need more of a reason not to vote for him so this will just be the icing on the cake.

This is the main reason Trump has been viciously attacking the judge presiding over the case. Judge Gonzalo Curiel has not been taking Trump’s side and an impartial judge is a serious threat to his campaign. If Trump can force Judge Curiel to recuse himself or fabricate a conflict of interest, he can angle for a more friendly judge. If not? Then pay attention to Trump; the louder and screechier he gets over this case, the more trouble he’s in.

Featured image via IYON archives

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