Trump’s Campaign Exposed As A Complete Grift After Reporters Notice How Much Trump Is Paying Trump

In what is arguably the funniest news of this campaign season, we have learned that Donald Trump’s campaign is nearly broke. The billionaire has spent the last year telling crowds of “poorly educated voters” that they should vote for him because he is really rich and this enables him to “self-fund” his campaign. But as it turns out, like so many other things he says, that is all complete bullshit.

On Monday, the Federal Election Commission’s newest campaign numbers were released and they revealed that not only does the Trump campaign have just a little over a million dollars left, but hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars have gone to pay his own businesses and family. For instance, he has paid Trump Tower more than $700,000, his golf club more than $35,000 and “The Trump Corporation” nearly $130,000:

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This doesn’t even list the amount of money he has spent on his Trump planes and catering. This Week reports:

As just a sample, in May alone Trump spent nearly $350,000 on private jets owned by Trump’s TAG Air, over $423,000 on rental and catering at his Mar-a-Lago club…

While his own businesses are paid more than a million dollars, he only has thirty campaign staffers across the country, is not raising money to help the Republican Party at large and is now begging supporters for $100,000.

On the Today Show, Tuesday morning, the hosts asked the really rich guy about his campaign being broke and Trump said:

I understand money better than anybody. I understand it far better than Hillary and I’m way up on the economy when it comes to questions on the economy…I’ve raised a lot of money…

Trump understand money better than anyone but thinks that raising $3 million in May for his campaign (compared to Hillary’s $26 million) is “a lot of money.” Seems legit. He went on to say that he might “self-fund” the general campaign like he did in the primary but that’s not true either. Trump did not really self-fund his campaign, he loaned money to his campaign and paid himself back (as we see above) when fundraiser dollars came in. And that’s fine, we don’t expect a presidential candidate to fund their own campaign all by themselves, but he’s not honest about it. That is the problem.

Instead of giving it to his supporters straight, Trump continues to lie to them and that speaks volumes about the kind of president (gag) he’d be.

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images & Twitter

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