Trump’s BFF Chris Christie Has Own Dirty Private Email Scandal

Yesterday’s seismic news that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t face criminal charges over the usage of her private email server has left many outraged. In fact, outrage is  the only resources that America has left. And while the pile on the Democratic side is beginning to grow, the pile on the Republican side is bigger and more smelly  than the Staten Island dump. My apologies to actual garbage
Case and point, Donald Trump’s BFF and potential running mate Chris Christie.
Known primarily for screaming at teachers and stealing taxpayer money to run the most unsuccessful and pathetic presidential campaign, then sucking up to Trump for an unelectable cabinet-level position, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is most famous for shutting down the GWB bridge for political payback. Well, it looks like the gargantuan and garrulous governor might also have an email scandal of his own.
Christie used a personal email account for government work while the Bridgegate scandal enveloped his administration, according to newly filed court documents. Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher, the law firm representing Christie’s office in the federal probe into the 2013 George Washington Bridge lane-closings, were always just paid lackeys (already costing NJ taxpayers 10 million dollars) for the massively corrupt parade float. Therefore, they never searched the account Christie shared with his wife, Mary Pat, despite being tasked with responding to federal subpoenas seeking emails and texts regarding the closures, according to WNYC.
From the Daily News:

The law firm acknowledged to WNYC this week that it didn’t search the account until one of the defendants earlier this month discovered an email sent to David Samson, the former chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, according to the station.

The email forwarded an article with the comment ‘per our earlier conversation’ that discussed a telephone discussion Christie had with New York Gov. Cuomo concerning the lane-closure investigation.

Christie, of course, hasn’t been charged and has vehemently denied prior knowledge of the deplorable alleged scheme.
Christie, a man who makes Putin look like a Cub Scout leader and has all the ethics of Tony Soprano but without the charm, has the gall to call out Hillary over her email scandal when he has one of his own. Let’s hope Governor humpty dumpty becomes Trump’s butler or something, since he’s just as dangerous and bombastic.
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