Trump’s Awful Response To Firebombing Of GOP NC Office Is DISQUALIFYING

In what is likely the single most contentious election in our collective memory, threats of violence and small outbursts at rallies have become commonplace. Sadly, these small outbursts have developed into a more egregious expression of violence.

A local GOP office in Hillsborough, North Carolina, located in Orange County, has been firebombed and vandalized with the words, “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.”

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This type of action is inexcusable and is certainly an act which threatens the very fabric of our democracy. Unfortunately, it is also not at all surprising that it happened. In the last couple of days, Donald Trump has been bolstering the idea that the upcoming election is rigged if he isn’t declared the winner. In response, his followers are threatening an armed revolt.

Our founding fathers created our system so we can see change within our government every few years through a peaceful process – brains, not brawn. Our country is designed so “we the people” can bring about change within the system without having to violently overthrow, anything.

Yet, that has not stopped Donald Trump and his ilk from threatening a violent response. What is surprising is that this hasn’t happened sooner, since Trump’s campaign has been the most insulting, most demoralizing, and most divisive in modern history (if ever).

Case in point, upon the news breaking of this attack in North Carolina, Trump tweeted the following response:

“Hillary Clinton and the Dems just firebombed our office” is an absolutely shameful response from any American, let alone a presidential candidate.

Certainly, it’s safe to assume whoever carried out such a terrible act of violence isn’t a fan of Trump. However, it is NOT safe, any way shape or form, to implicate Hillary Clinton, or Democrats in North Carolina of carrying out the violent act.

If anything, this tweet only serves to prove that Donald Trump is now in “burn the country down” mode, which is the furthest thing from presidential. Is he hoping to start another civil war? Tensions are high (obviously) and unfettered comments from a hot head leader will not result in positive outcomes for anyone involved.

In contrast, read Hillary Clinton’s response:

She condemned the violent act. She also voiced her relief to know that no one was injured.

Who would you rather see guiding us through the next four, or even eight, years?

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