Trumplestiltskin™: I Rebuilt An Ice Rink 30 Years Ago, So I Can Totally Fight All Our Wars

Donald Trump is busy channeling Scott Walker when it comes to foreign policy. He sees everything through the lens of his business experience, and that’s actually a really bad thing for someone who’s running for president. Recently, he spoke to Bloomberg News about his campaign and talked about an ice skating rink he restored in New York City. He called it an example of what private enterprise can do.

The project was finished ahead of schedule and $750,000 under budget. According to MSNBC, Trump spoke to Mark Halperin, who asked him if he was comparing restoring an ice skating rink to being the president of the United States. MSNBC posted the following exchange, which shows Trump for the truly clueless billionaire he is:

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HALPERIN: So people who say, ‘Trump’s got no government experience, he can’t possibly be president because that’s not what being president is being about,’ this [ice-skating rink] was a government problem. The city couldn’t get this thing built. What are examples of things now that aren’t getting done that you think you could bring the same skills to if you were president, just like you got this thing built.

TRUMP: I’ll give you one example: wars. Wars aren’t getting done. It’s the same thing. […]

HALPERIN: Your critics would say, you’ve just compared building an ice-skating rink to stopping wars, and that is–

TRUMP: It’s all the same.

HALPERIN: Explain–

TRUMP: It has to do with efficiency, it has to do with common sense, it has to do with knowledge.

Managing wars, of course, is not the same thing as managing a project like restoring an ice skating rink. It is so not the same thing. When MSNBC made the comparison to what Scott Walker used to say about union-busting preparing him to fight ISIS, we had to agree that the comparison was apt. Presidential candidates with little to no applicable experience are stretching and reaching to make themselves seem like they’ve got it all together.

Sorry, but restoring an ice skating rink doesn’t prepare anybody for war. It doesn’t matter how well the project turned out, it’s not the same thing. The type of planning needed, the ways to go about it efficiently…Trump is completely clueless. He doesn’t have the experience he thinks he has. The experience he does have doesn’t translate at all. We have no words for how dumb this is.

That doesn’t stop him from ripping into other candidates, like Ben Carson, on their lack of experience. On Good Morning America, Trump blasted Carson, saying that he has neither the temperament nor the experience to be president (he also thinks he’s better looking than Marco Rubio).

Does the guy’s ego know no bounds? It doesn’t. Restoring an ice rink gives Trump about the same experience fighting wars that dealing with peaceful protesters gave Scott Walker for fighting ISIS. Trump has begun his fall in the polls already, and perhaps this will accelerate that. He’s too stupid to be president.


Featured image by DonkeyHotey. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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