#TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet Backfires Horribly After Twitter Users Brutally Mock Them (SCREENSHOTS)

Donald Trump has offended every race, creed, nationality, gender, and pet with his unapologetically “tough guy” bully speak. In fact, we may have to invent a whole new breed of people for Trump to offend. But when it comes to women, Trump is the biggest offender. Trump has had the worst few weeks of his pretend presidential campaign and the polls reflect that, with Hillary now showing a comfortable 17 point lead over Trump with women voters. That’s not to say that Hillary doesn’t have her own major issues with women voters, especially those under 40 who flocked to Bernie like he was Game of Thrones’ Jamie Lannister.

Notwithstanding, Trump appears to have instigated a little movement of female support and it’s as ridiculous as you might think. 

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Perhaps promising them thongs for life or Melania’s leftover shoes, supposed Trump female fans decided to show off scantily clad pics of themselves to show that The Donald has secured the hot chick vote. Apparently, Democracy has a Kik account. See below:

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Well, at least none of them are the daughter he thinks is hot.



One of your more astute and studious constituents. Trump is a major butt rash so I suppose this is fitting.

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Malibu Stacy is quite the political pundit

Tweets or future photos from Idiocracy the sequel? But thankfully the internet has people with more than two functioning brain cells to respond to this stupid laughable sh*t. Luckily, the movement was eventually hijacked by delightful pranksters.



Yes, apparently a brunette would be diversity for the movement.

But for the win…

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Maybe the movement should be re-hashtagged to “TrumpGolddigersBreakTheInternet” since that’s the only reason a woman would support him/it.

Featured image via Twitter

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