#TrumperTantrum: Twitter’s Beautiful Response To Trump’s Hissy-Fit (TWEETS)

Wednesday was a very entertaining day, thanks to Donald Trump’s epic sore-loser, cry-baby fest!

Trump was very distraught that he lost the Iowa caucus to Ted Cruz. In fact, he was SO sad, that he didn’t send a single tweet for an unprecedented 15 hours! This is unheard of for Trump, but apparently he used all of that time offline to stew.

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Finally, on Wednesday morning, he reached his boiling point and took to Twitter to announce that Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, according to Trump “he illegally stole it!” He also said he was going to demand a recount, and suggested that they hold “another election!”

The response to his #TrumperTantrum was nothing short of spectacular!

I really can’t figure out why anyone in their right mind would take this guy seriously, but it’s a relief to see that not everyone does! I had a lot of fun reading through the #TrumperTantrum tweets. After watching the Iowa caucus coverage, and seeing all of the support he manages to get, the response has restored my faith in humanity.

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