Trumper Says Email Proves Dems Skewing Polls – He Probably Should Have Examined It Better (TWEETS)

Here’s proof that the Trump camp and his deplorable minions devoted followers can’t read very well. That, or that they are so eager to tell lies about their opponents that they don’t double check. Or both.

Last evening, a young man named Taylor Egly Tweeted the following:

Fellow Trumpites immediately began patting him on the back. The thing is, neither Taylor Egly nor those who squealed for joy when they saw his tweet noticed one very important thing: the date of that email is Thursday, January 10th, 2008. That’s right, it was from two presidential election seasons ago.

Not only that, Mr. Egly has no idea what he’s talking about. Note he highlights the phrase, “… recommend oversamples for our polling.” Now, this is where a good lexicon of political words would have helped. Or even a simple Google search.

The author of that email weighed in himself:

MoE means “margin of error.” If you do search for it, you are taken to Pew Research, where the actual definition of “oversample” is laid out:

“… it is important to ensure that there are enough members of a certain subgroup in the population so that more reliable estimates can be reported for that group. To do this, we oversample members of the subgroup by selecting more people from this group than would typically be done if everyone in the sample had an equal chance of being selected. Because the margin of sampling error is related to the size of the sample, increasing the sample size for a particular subgroup through the use of oversampling allows for estimates to be made with a smaller margin of error.”

It has nothing to do with overestimation of Democratic voters or building up fake numbers or any of the things Egly or his fellow Trumpites might think it does. But, not only has he made himself look stupid and lazy, he’s done the same thing for the guy he represents! Trump tweeted this at about 6:00 am Tuesday:

That’s right. Trump — or whoever is tweeting for him — simply accepted Egly’s faulty conclusion without checking anything. Nothing. Not even the date, which is easy to read and right at the top of the email. All he saw was “Wikileaks” and “email” and he started drooling.

Those of us who understand the term couldn’t help ourselves. We had to let Egly know how badly he screwed up. He might delete the original but lots of us have screen shots, I guarantee.

A few of the reactions:


Let’s see if anyone from the Trump camp tries to either 1) pass this “leak” off as legitimate or 2) walk back Trump’s overeager tweet. Should be an interesting day on the talking head shows.

Featured Image via Taylor Egly Twitter Page

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