Trumpemon Go: ‘Catch The Rarest Creatures Of Them All! Minorities At The RNC!’ (VIDEO)

After Wednesday’s coverage of the Republican National Convention, which is likely to go down in history as one of the most RIDICULOUS conventions in American history, SNL’s Michael Che appeared on MSNBC’s Weekend Update segment and introduced a new app that’s sure to be all the rage: Trumpemon Go — the slogan of which is to, “Catch ’em all. Get ’em outta here!”

Che, dressed in what I suppose is a “Trumpemon Trainer” uniform, starts on the convention floor and lets us know what the game is all about:

It’s called ‘Trumpemon Go’ or as Trump would call it, ‘Let’s go round up some brown people!’

One of the best parts of the segment (and there are many) is probably when he interviews some of the Trump supporters and asks them if they’ve “seen any rare minorities.” One woman thinks really hard about it and says, “I think I’ve seen some Hawaiians.”

Then, after trying to catch Willie from Duck Dynasty, thinking he must be Amish, he finally captures a very rare creature, “A Cowbro.” And it just gets better from there. I really think Che is onto something with this app idea!

Watch the entire segment here:

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