Trumpbro Claims His Apple Boycott Is Crippling Global Economy, Gives New Meaning To ‘Delusional’

There’s something to be said for delusional self-importance — but none of it is good, and Wayne Allyn Root, Donald Trump supporter and mastermind behind the conservative Apple boycott, is a good demonstration why.

How so? Well, while sitting in on Fox & Friends Sunday, he claimed the damage he was doing to Apple’s stocks was comparable with the Brexit. You know, the vote that caused the British Pound to crater overnight and crippled world economies.

“Apple stock isn’t doing too good, either.”

Were you aware there was a conservative boycott of Apple? I wasn’t, at least, not until I started writing this. So what precisely did Apple do to stir the conservative hive mind? Was it their support for LGBT Americans? Their attacks on Religious Freedom™?

Nope. Apparently, Apple pulled support from the Republican National Convention. And that’s got Donald Trump supporter Wayne Allen Root all in a tizzy, prompting Root to warn this weekend that Conservatives would “punish” Apple and that they were already having an effect worse than the Brexit.

While joining the clowns on Fox & Friends, Root called for Apple CEO Tim Cook to be ousted because he refused to back Trump’s convention, and then made this delectably stupid observation:

I wouldn’t be surprised if in the last week they’ve lost some business. And I’m sure it’s going to build as the word gets out as we get to the convention and people hear about this terrible, terrible business decision — biased business decision, I think a reckless business decision.

And I know that after the Brexit on Friday, Apple stock is very close to their 52-week low. So whether it was me or whether it was word getting out from others or whether it was the Brexit, I know Apple stock isn’t doing to good either.

Have some patience, I think Apple is going to feel it in the pocketbook eventually.

I very much doubt that.

Fox News host Clayton Morris pointed out that Apple might view it as a “good business decision” because of the company’s previous conflict with Donald Trump over its privacy stance, but Root wasn’t having any of that. See, the job of capitalism — heroic capitalism, as it were– is to serve the state:

As the CEO you can make a personal decision, but you have no right to make a business decision and offend half your customers.

I’m sorry, what? If Apple wants to tell half its customer base to get bent, that’s their right. It’s their right to feel the effects of that too, but I assure you, conservatives are nowhere near half their customer base.

Not only is that jaw dropping entitlement, it’s also an intellectually staggering level of delusional self-importance.

Oh, but he wasn’t done yet. Root continued:

The only thing that I know is that this Brexit was all tied into what we’re talking about. I think that people all over the world are getting sick of big companies, big corporations and big media and big government all being tied together and making decisions that hurt the people.

If you’re asking yourself when conservatives started hating big businesses and big media, they always did. See, every piece of rhetoric that conservatives use — especially ones like Donald Trump — make more sense coming from collectivists. And that’s exactly what conservatism supports: extreme collectivism, whether it’s Christian theocratic fascism, white nationalist anarcho-fascism, or old-fashioned state fascism (and yes, anarcho-nationalism and anarcho-fascism are things).

Tucker Carlson, the stupidest man on TV, jumped in, agreeing with Root “on that,” while Root continued his rant, claiming that “Apple’s tied to it” and “I think the United States government, Obama [is] tied to it. I think Brexit’s tied to it.”

He concluded, “I think it’s time for Trexit, which is Donald Trump.”

We get Trump and it’s Western History, economic individualism, and the egalitarian ideals of the Enlightenment that’ll be making a Trexit, stage right, into oblivion.

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