Trump Wins Another Poll: 54 Percent Of Americans Want To Punch Him In The Face

While Donald Trump touts himself as the unifying candidate (even though his entire campaign is based on people’s latent, and sometimes blatant, racism), the American people literally want to punch him in the face.

A poll, conducted by WalletHub and Survey Monkey with 1,000 respondents, shows that when asked who they would want to “pop in the kisser,” 54 percent said the GOP frontrunner, while 14 percent named Hillary Clinton, 13 percent named President Obama, and 12 percent said a member of Congress. The other remaining seven percent was divided up between an IRS agent, a tax attorney, and an accountant.

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Something tells me this isn’t a poll Trump will be gloating about on TV. I’m honestly surprised Ted Cruz didn’t make the list, but what matters is that the GOP’s frontrunner is, well, front and center.

And it’s quite telling that many people’s first thought when it comes to hitting someone is Donald Trump. For someone who claims he’s going to win “huge” with the electorate, the only thing he’s winning is a poll that says people want to punch him in the face. But hey, a win is a win.

Not only does the “unifying” candidate top the list for a violent act against him, he also has record deficits with Latino voters, female voters, Hispanic voters, and black voters. So this poll is a nice break from constantly being a loser with the demographics that will decide this upcoming election.

Overall, the frontrunner has a 30 percent favorability rating and an favorability rating of 63 percent amongst the whole electorate heading into the general election. According to Gallup:

The bottom line is that Trump now has a higher unfavorable rating than any candidate at any time during all of these previous election cycles, and that conclusion takes into account the fact that unfavorable ratings tend to rise in the heat of a general election campaign as the barbs, negative ads and heightened partisanship are taken to their highest levels.

The closest any candidate came was Bill Clinton in 1992, who had an unfavorable rating of 49 percent in July. Trump has a long way to go if he wishes to win in November. Luckily, if he does, the majority of the country will still want to punch him in the face.

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