Trump Whines Like A Spoiled Man-Baby Over Hotel’s A/C — Then Threatens Not To Pay Bill (VIDEO)

On Monday during a campaign stop in Roanoke, Virginia, Trump threatened to stiff a local hotel because he felt the air conditioning didn’t meet his standards.

While delivering a speech most likely filled with lies about Hillary Clinton to his supporters, the billionaire complained about the poor air conditioning and went so far as to threaten not paying the hotel over his inconvenience.

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Trump joked to his supporters that the media would write a lot of articles about his threat (yup), but said it didn’t matter because his die-hard fans were “smart people.”

The smart people say, ‘Trump is smart,’ and the other people say, ‘Isn’t that terrible,” Trump told the crowd. “I think the ballroom and the people that own this hotel should be ashamed of themselves.

However, WBDJ7 reports that the hotel released a statement explaining the situation which Trump managed to blow out of proportion. The statement read:

The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center’s HVAC system was on and working properly throughout the event to provide a comfortable environment for all in attendance,” the hotel said. “Temperatures in the mid to upper 90’s, doors opened for two hours to let hundreds of attendees enter and the ballroom filled to capacity did present a challenge, however, Hotel staff did everything possible to keep guests comfortable and accommodated, both inside and out.

This event wasn’t the first time Trump’s been accused of having short arms as well as small hands.

In June, USA Today wrote an article which said that hundreds of people, companies, and vendors alleged that Donald Trump did not pay what he owed them.

One example took place during the 1980s when Trump was building casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Edward Friel Jr., A Philadelphia cabinet-builder, signed a $400,000 contract to build registration desks, bars, the bases for slot machines, and cabinets for Harrah’s Casino at Trump Plaza.

The family owned cabinetry business, founded during the 1940s by Friel’s father, finished building everything in 1984 and submitted its final invoice to the general contractor who worked for the Trump Organization, the firm building the resort.

Friel’s son, Paul, who was the company’s accountant, still recalls the amount of the bill more than 30 years later: 83,600. That is because Donald Trump never paid the family for their work.

“That began the demise of the Edward J. Friel Company… which has been around since my grandfather,” he said.

Friel is just one name in over 3,500 lawsuits that Trump’s been involved in for over three decades. But Trump continues to tweet and rant about “crooked” Hillary every chance he gets.

Featured image via YouTube.

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