Trump WH Bans Entire Government Agency From Twitter After They Posted This Humiliating Photo (VIDEO)

On Friday, The Washington Post reported President Donald Trump’s administration finally drew the line and banned the inappropriate use of Twitter. However, not for Trump.

Instead, the new administration punished the Department of the Interior after the National Park Service had the audacity to retweet a photo comparing the Trump’s inauguration crowd size to President Barack Obama’s ceremony in 2009.

There was also at least one other retweeted item which featured a story about the Trump administration scrubbing all mention of civil rights, climate change, healthcare from the official White House website.

In an email sent out on Friday, Trump’s administration immediately demanded that all Twitter accounts be “shut down.”

“All bureaus and the department have been directed by incoming administration to shut down Twitter platforms immediately until further notice,” said an email to Park Service employees on Friday.

Meanwhile, a government official told The Post that the there is currently an ongoing investigation to determine who sent the retweets. The official also raised the possibility that the account was hacked. However, it’s entirely possible that it was indeed a federal employee responsible for the retweets. Back in February, Politico reported the results of a survey which showed that about 25 percent of federal public servants indicated they would consider quitting their jobs if Trump became president. From Politico:

“Overall, about 2-in-3, or 67 percent said they would not think about leaving the federal government if Trump becomes president, but 14 percent said they would and 11 percent said they would “maybe” leave. Just 8 percent said they did not know. The share of Democrats who said they would leave is higher, with 42 percent indicating that they would exit or could exit.”

However, the culprit could have very well have been a soon to be ex-federal employee sending Trump’s administration the middle finger as he or she moves on to their next opportunity. However, a mass exodus of experienced government workers may have serious ramifications for everyday citizens who rely on certain government services. But the Trump administration is in a unique position concerning these potential job losses, it can either take steps to stop the bleeding, or they can purposely induce more. Knowing Trump the latter is likely a safer bet.

The idea of Trump’s administration banning a government agency from using Twitter over “inappropriate” retweets should be the new definition of hypocrisy.

America now has a weak, insecure, reactionary, ignorant con man as its president. The best we can all hope for is that he’s mostly contained and occupied with shiny objects (Twitter feuds) for the next four years. Unfortunately, the next president in 2020, will have one hell of a mess to clean up.

Featured image by Alex Wong/Getty Images

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