Trump Was Just Trolled By A Dictionary After Badly Spelled Twitter Rant (TWEETS)

Donald Trump had a pretty rough night at the Republican Debate on Thursday night. Marco Rubio, sick of being in third place in every state, decided that he was going to go after the front runner…hard. All night Trump was forced to respond to Rubio’s zingers and you could tell that it was really starting to annoy him. At the same time, he was forced to defend himself against Ted Cruz who was also trying to come out strong. These constant waves of attacks must have really pissed Trump off because on Friday the real estate mogul started hitting back on Twitter (like he always does).

Unfortunately for Trump, he was so bent out of shape that it seems all of his spelling skills went right out the window. During his rant he called Marco Rubio a “leightweight chocker” and said winning the debate was a “great honer.” Apparently he deleted the tweets, but as we all know: the internet forgets nothing.

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Clearly, the Trumpster was having a really, really difficult morning, but fortunately for him Merriam-Webster was there to help him out and define things for him — and also do a little mocking:

When Twitter users saw the dictionary makers trolling Trump, they were quick to praise them:


You know you have failed when a dictionary decides to troll you.

These weren’t even the first spelling gaffes he’s had this week. His campaign made a spelling mistake on his event page TWICE this week by spelling “Oklahoma City” wrong in two different posts (read more here).

I think that Trump and his uneducated supporters should really abstain from anything that requires them to spell until they’ve taken some refresher courses because this is just embarrassing.

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