Trump Was Either Drunk When He Wrote This Rant – Or He’s Illiterate. Maybe Both.

In the early morning, while most people were still sleeping or just waking up to a nice summer day, Donald Trump – the Republican nominee for president of the United States – was already up – screaming at the top of his lungs into a series of unintentionally hilarious tweets.

In a delusional effort to “flip” Bernie Sanders and the former Democratic candidate’s supporters over to Team Trump, the reality television star sent out a series of tweets directed at Sanders. However, rather than make a convincing argument for his own legitimacy, the rant was derailed almost right out of the gate by a series of baffling lies and incredible spelling mistakes. To read through Trump’s morning rant, one walks away with the sense that Trump was either drunk when he wrote it (at 8 am!), functionally illiterate, or believes his fans are.

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It was a bloodbath.

Misusing “there” for “their” is bone-headed, but may be forgiven as a momentary oversight. But waist? Waist! How does that happen?

The errors were so glaring that the candidate, who refuses to delete even some of the most embarrassing tweets in his catalog, hastily destroyed this one and replaced it with the correct usage.

…Only to go on a rant so dim-witted that you wonder if spell check is the only thing saving him from total brain death.

For the record, Trump’s “analysis” of the primaries is about as accurate as the “evidence” he claimed to uncover about President Obama’s birth certificate. Hillary Clinton not only won the most delegates (not counting the Super Delegates) she also won the popular vote. She even gained more total votes than Donald Trump in his own primary. To say that Sanders would have won if not for the Super Delegates is a lie. A blatant, intellectually-insulting lie. How stupid does he think we are?

In a hilarious twist, Trump’s new sympathy for Sanders lasted roughly two hours – just long enough to see the progressive lawmaker utterly destroy him on television. On Meet The Press, Sanders re-affirmed his support for Hillary Clinton and called Trump the “worst Republican candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

Needless to say, Trump was livid. Firing off a tweet that disparaged the man he, just two hours before, had hoped would join him against Clinton.

Just like clockwork.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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