Trump Wants Rick Perry To Head The Agency He Infamously Forgot The Name Of During Debate

When former Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, was running for president in 2012, he became famous (or maybe infamous) for not being the sharpest tool in the shed. He behaved oddly on camera on numerous occasions, to the point where some questioned his sanity and wondered if he were drunk!

One perfect example is when during a 2011 presidential debate he blanked on one of three key agencies he planned to shut down if he were elected.

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“It’s three agencies of government when I get there that are gone: commerce, education, and the uh … what’s the third one, there? Let’s see… The third one. I can’t,” he said, adding “Oops.”

Take a look:

The irony in all of this? Perry is now on Trump’s short list for that third agency – The Department of Energy – he may be picked to head it up under Trump’s administration. Maybe he forgot that he wanted to abolish it? That wouldn’t be surprising.

It’s pretty clear that Trump and his so-called transition team are feeling the pressure to come up with a list of candidates for his administration because some of the choices that have been leaked to the media seemed rushed and are questionable at best. This news of a possible Rick Perry appointment falls under comical.

Trump obviously has no clue what he’s doing. If America wasn’t a laughingstock before, it most certainly is now.

Featured image via Getty Images/Spencer Platt

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