Trump Vows To Never Be Seen Again If He Loses The Election (VIDEO)

With every Primary Donald Trump wins, he continues to infuriate all thinking human beings. I mean, this is the same guy who said women should be punished for having abortions, any country can have nukes, unemployment is at 42 percent, and a bunch of other crazy crap that no sane human would utter in public.

But if  you wondering if it was humanly possible to get rid of the five-alarm dumpster fire that is Donald Trump and his sham of presidential campaign, he just told us how. 

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If for some reason Republican primary voters decide they want to be stabbed instead of shot by supporting Ted Cruz, Trump said he’s never going to be seen again. Trump expanded on this during a campaign stop in Maryland on April 24.

I don’t think I’m going to lose, but if I do, I don’t think you’re ever going to see me again, Trump said.

John Lennon imagined a world with no religion, but now we can imagine a world without Donald Trump. But even if Trump goes on to pick up the remaining 393 delegates he needs to secure the GOP nomination, a brokered convention can still go down. So it may not be as hard as you think.

Watch Donald Trump Tell Us How We Can Get Rid Of Him…For Good (VIDEO)


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