Trump Voter’s Insane Reason For Voting For Trump Is Making Internet LOSE IT (TWEETS)

Most sane people are horrified at the idea of a Donald Trump presidency. However, there’s a substantial portion of the electorate that seems not to see just how absolutely dangerous the guy is as just a presidential candidate, much less how dangerous he would be as president. However, it seems that some of Trump’s supporters DO recognize that he’s a total nutcase, but plan to vote for him anyway. One woman’s reason is truly out of this world. A lady named Crystal said of her choice to vote for Trump:

“Oh I think he’s crazy, and he may get us killed, but at least he’s going to be truthful with us.”

Of course, Crystal’s reason for her choice prompted much ridicule on Twitter. Here are just a few of the more fun tweets laughing at the absurdity of this logic:

This is just another example of how absolutely ignorant Trump voters are. Trump lies almost constantly, and he traffics in conspiracy theories. He shows every sign of being not just dangerously unqualified to be president, but also of being a straight up con man. None of this registers with these ignoramuses, though, and this lady named Crystal is proof of that. Hopefully, the sane half of America prevails on November 8, and we can all sleep easy for another four years.

Featured image via screen capture from Twitter

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