Trump Voters Finally Realize They’ve Been Duped By Con Artist, Watching Them Freak Out Is Hilarious

Trump ran on the premise that he would “drain the swamp” of Washington and repeatedly used Hillary Clinton’s connections to Wall Street as a target to suggest he would be an “outsider” who didn’t cave to special interests. How did that work out for his gullible followers? As Democratic politician Sherrod Brown wryly put it, Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he just filled it with more alligators.

And Trump’s fans – having been duped and humiliated – aren’t taking it well. Let the freakout begin.

Here, for instance, is former Republican congressman and current full-time deadbeat dad Joe Walsh bursting into tears over Trump’s betrayal.

And here is former lawyer and current rape apologist Mike Cernovich rage-tweeting then quickly deleting an angry message to Trump.

Meanwhile, average Trump voters are slowly discovering that the billionaire reality television star with a history of tax avoidance and a stunning lack of charitable giving throughout his life, isn’t the guy they had in mind when they voted for him. He’s giving all of his jobs to other billionaires, former bankers, and Bush cronies. Hardly a “change” candidate.

To which many Democrats and political reporters say to them: We f*cking told you so.

The sad part in all of this is that if these voters would have just listened to reason before the election, this whole nightmare could have been avoided. Instead, they clung onto hope that Trump – a known unabashed liar – was really going to follow through on what he was selling. The result has been a country where nobody is happy. And all because we allowed a charlatan to roll into town without raising enough eyebrows.

Conservatives should take responsibility for their actions and be first in line in helping bring down this fraud.

Featured image via Joe Mahoney/Getty Images

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