Trump Voter Yells ‘Kill Obama’ At Victory Speech, Only Barron Has Decency To Look Shocked (VIDEO)

In what may be a disgusting sign of what is to come during a Trump presidency, a supporter took the opportunity during Trump’s victory speech to yell out “Kill Obama!” – and Trump said nothing.

While Trump harped on “rebuilding America’s infrastructure,” one of his supporters made the comment so loudly that Trump actually paused and looked over. His young son, Barron, heard it too. ABC News captured the moment the stunned child had to listen to a grown man advocate killing the current President of the United States. He then had to watch as his own father, the future President of the United States, pretend nothing had happened and simply move on.

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While pundits and the Trump campaign claim this election was won by his appeal to the “working class” who are feeling economic anxiety, it’s clear that even Trump’s most fervent supporters don’t really believe that. At what could have been a celebratory moment for the Republican campaign and its voters, a Trump fanatic couldn’t help but scream about the only issue he really cared about: A violent bloodlust directed at the first black president.

And the fact that Trump couldn’t stand up to this man, even after being named “president-elect” speaks volumes. He’s not in control. The mob is. And the mob is demanding blood.

This is the reality America is waking up to today.

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