Trump Unveils New ‘Presidential’ Baseball Hat That’s Somehow Even Uglier Than The Original (TWEET)

President-elect Donald Trump has never been accused of being overly classy, and after revealing his new baseball cap, his reputation is safe.

Trump was captured on Monday departing his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida wearing what appears to be his new red baseball cap.

The red cap features “USA” stitched in bold letters across the front and the number 45 on the side.

It’s unclear if Trump plans to make his newest “fashion statement” available for sale before the holidays, but he seemed to plug it later that night with a tweet sent out by his senior advisor Kellyanne Conway. Notice the carefully displayed cap sitting on the table?

But take heart originalists — Trump has a very snazzy “Make America Great Again” red baseball cap Christmas tree ornament that will lighten your wallet of at least $145 worth of monetary burden.

Millions more Americans may experience carpal tunnel syndrome over the next four years due to the excessive amount of facepalming taking place over antics like this.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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