Trump Uninvites Gennifer Flowers To Debate After Getting Hammered For How Disgusting It Was (VIDEO)

Anyone with even a little bit of decency was outraged when GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump decided to tweet out an off the cuff invitation for Gennifer Flowers, the woman who was involved in an extramarital affair scandal with former President Bill Clinton in the 1980s, to be his guest at the first presidential debate.

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The tweet was just another example of Trump’s lashing out when he feels slighted. Well, it seems that the Trump campaign realized what a sleazy and inappropriate move this was on the part of their candidate, and campaign surrogates and officials have been out in force to make sure that the whole world knows that Trump will not have Flowers there as his guest.

Trump campaign manager number three and official Trump whisperer Kellyane Conway said of the ruckus:

“We do not expect her to be a guest of the Trump campaign.”

Conway went on to spew the bullshit excuse that there’s no way that Hillary will ever get under Trump’s skin:

“Mr. Trump was putting them on notice that we could certainly invite guests that make it into the head of Hillary Clinton.”

The thing is, this is just disgusting. Hillary made the PERSONAL decision to stay with her husband, as many women do, after he had an affair. This nonsense is decades old, and should be in no way relevant to the 2016 race for the White House. This is something that is a low blow, sexist and is in no way appropriate for a serious political campaign.

Trump’s flirting with this invitation for Flowers to attend the debate is nothing more than a misogynist attempt to shame a woman for her personal decision to forgive the man she loves for mistakes within a marriage. In other words, it’s not appropriate to drag it up, and it is none of the public’s business. Further, it CERTAINLY has NOTHING to do with the current election.

This is just one more example of Trump’s grossly ill-suited temperament when it comes to occupying the highest office in this great land and leading the free world.

Watch Conway’s pathetic attempt to spin Trump’s bullshit on CNN below:

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