Trump Tweets Out Whiny Defense Of Why He Can’t Stop Going On Twitter Rants, World Cringes

It took an SNL skit brutally mocking him to get Donald Trump to acknowledge he has a problem. Despite promises from the media and from his campaign that he would “pivot” to a more presidential maturity after he won the election, Trump has routinely proven he’s still the manchild he was on November 7. Instead of working on building up a transition team for the White House filled with professionals and experts, the president-elect has gotten into Twitter feuds with celebrities. He bashed (and lied about) the cast of “Hamilton.” He attacked the cast of SNL. He suggested we strip the citizenship of people who protest his presidency by burning the flag. He lied about millions of undocumented immigrants illegally voting in the election.

It’s been one meltdown after another.

But before you can even wrap your head around that insanity, Trump gave us a defense of why he goes on unhinged Twitter rants on a nearly nightly basis – and why he will continue to do so.

If the press would just cover him the way he wants to be covered, he would stop ranting on Twitter like a baby. Ironic coming from the guy who spent five years smearing Obama with birther conspiracies. But even at the right-wing’s lowest points of mudslinging, Obama focuses on actually being president and not crying on Twitter about being treated unfairly. It’s that type of maturity that people are looking for – and Trump just promised he’ll never provide it.

It’s also worth noting that Trump has shown time and again that what he means by “accurately & honorably” is unquestioning loyalty. He’s threatened to sue the New York Times repeatedly for calling him out on his lies. He kickstarted a targeted harassment campaign of a specific CNN journalist who dared call “bullshit” on his claim that the popular vote was stolen from him with millions of illegal votes. He wants the press to be docile puppies that will carry water for him when he decides to lie. And when they don’t, he lashes out like a discount dictator in a banana republic.

So, it looks like America better buckle up. If the press continues to do its job of criticizing Trump, and SNL continues to mock him, and average Americans continue to stand up to his belligerence, we can all expect to be on the receiving end of an endless torrent of these embarrassing, pathetic tantrums. So let’s get ready.

Featured image via Ty Wright/Getty Images

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