Trump Troll Links Michelle Obama’s Speech To Benghazi, Gets Humiliated On CNN (VIDEO)

Tuesday on CNN, a Trump supporter tried to use Michelle Obama’s inspirational speech as a weapon against Hillary Clinton by making a ridiculous link to Benghazi.

He made his remarks following CNN Commentator Paul Begala’s glowing praise of the First Lady’s speech.

Mrs. Obama is a unifying figure and she… has focused on things we all agree on, that we all care about, especially those military families,” Begala said. “So when she stands up and says I trust [Hillary] — this person who is polarizing and partisan and a politician — she says I trust this person with my children, it’s really, really powerful.

Trump apologist and CNN Commentator Jeffery Lord interjected:

But you know, Pat Smith trusted her son to Mrs. Clinton’s care in Benghazi and she didn’t take care of him

Begala was disgusted.

“That’s a cheapshot,” Begala muttered.

“How many consulates and embassies were attacked when Bush was president?” Begala asked Lord.

“I don’t know the answer,” Lord replied. “Do you?”

This exchange was one of those special moments where an ignorant Trump supporter literally sets up their own demise.

Twenty,” Begala said. “Sixty-six people were killed. How many congressional investigations? Zero. How many frontpage stories? Zero. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes me crazy. That was a terrible tragedy. It has been investigated.. she was cleared, even by the partisan House of Representatives.


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That was one of the most one-sided humiliating debate beatdowns you’ll see on TV.

Also, Politifact rates Begala’s claim as “Mostly True,” and that’s because they believed the number of attacks and fatalities under W. Bush’s administration were probably understated.

But good luck getting Republicans to talk about those dead Americans.

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