Trump Tries To Launch 2020 Re-election Ad, It IMMEDIATELY Blows Up In His Face (TWEET)

From the moment Trump won the election, he was already bragging about how he was going to run again in 2020, and win.

In a move that shows just how delusional Trump truly is, the undeserving POTUS ignored the fact that his approval rating has reached a historic low by launching his first ad for his 2020 bid. And in true Trump fashion, the ad was one big embarrassing fail, as Trump was forced to pull the ad over an obvious violation – it violated the ban that prevents active duty military members in uniform from participating in political stunts.

The Washington Post wrote:

“The initial version of the ad released by the campaign included a shot of Trump shaking hands at his Mar-a-Lago estate with H.R. McMaster, his national security adviser. An updated version dropped the shot of McMaster, who remains an active duty member of the Army, and replaced it with Trump visiting a business.”

Campaign law expert Larry Noble also pointed this out:

It should be noted that Trump pathetically celebrated Inauguration Day by filing for re-election, probably to soothe himself after seeing those tiny crowds. This ad is the perfect embodiment of Trump’s sloppy administration – these people have no idea how to run the country, which trickles down to the most simple tasks.

From what we’ve seen from Trump himself, his White House doesn’t really pay attention to detail or do their research first before going all in. Trump’s team has had to repeatedly correct themselves, and not even a simple campaign ad can go off without a hitch.

Not even halfway through his first term, Trump has already made his bid for re-election a joke and displayed just how incompetent his entire team is. It’s no wonder the majority of Americans can’t wait until this clown and the rest of his circus are out of the White House.

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