Trump Tried Tricking Reporters Into Making Infomercial For His Hotel – So They Screwed Him Over

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump once again proved how much his “word” was worth. The billionaire pulled a “bait and switch,” after he promised the media that he would hold a press conference but instead tricked them into covering his shameless self-promotion.

On Friday morning Trump announced that he would be giving a “press conference” in his new hotel in Washington D.C. The media was forced into a back room.

At the end of his 30-plus minute infomercial, in which he paraded endorsements from military vets mixed with advertisements for his new hotel, Trump issued a brief comment about the birther issue and then left the room.

The GOP nominee left the press corps screaming angrily in his wake, thinking that he’d just pulled one of the greatest free advertising con jobs of all time. However, it now appears that he may not have succeeded to the degree he thought he did.

Before the “press conference,” Trump took a few cameras and photographers on a personal tour of his new hotel. However he did not allow reporters to come along (first red flag), and those who did try to follow the candidate were physically restrained.

After Trump’s betrayal, all of the various news organizations covering the event got together on an emergency conference call and made a decision. After the call, they decided not to use any footage of Trump’s tour, and a few organizations reportedly destroyed their footage in protest.

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On the grand scale of things, the footage of Trump’s tour will probably still get out, but it won’t be shown on the international media platforms he had hoped for.

Hopefully, this incident will serve as the final straw for a mainstream media that has more or less been intimidated and infatuated by Trump’s behavior.

It’s time for the media to do its job and scrutinize Trump the way they are supposed to, maybe this will serve as their wake up call.

Featured image via YouTube.

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