Trump Tried To Flip Bernie Against Democrats – So Bernie Just Humiliated Him On National TV (VIDEO)

Ever since it became apparent that Hillary Clinton was going to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, Republican nominee Donald Trump has been trying to court supporters of Clinton’s rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Even before he endorsed Clinton, Sanders had made it abundantly clear that he would in no way, shape or form back Trump, nor would he ask his followers to do so. The recently leaked emails which allegedly revealed that the Democratic establishment had been favoring Clinton over Sanders gave Trump the opening for a new appeal to Sanders and his backers.

Early on Sunday morning, Trump let loose with a barrage of tweets that were clearly designed to stoke division between the Sanders camp and party leadership. First came the suggestion that the selection of Tim Kaine as Clinton’s running mate was an insult to Sanders.

That was followed by several other tweets attacking Kaine, and saying that the Virginia senator stands for “the total opposite” of things that are important to Sanders and his supporters. In an interview on State Of the Union, CNN’s Jake Tapper displays Trump’s tweet, then asks the senator, “Do you think Tim Kaine stands for the opposite of your political revolution?”

Sanders chuckles, then says, “Well, compared to Donald Trump, certainly not.” And to make it clear, after listing all of the areas where he and Kaine disagree with the GOP nominee, Bernie says, “On his worst, worst, worst day, Tim Kaine is one hundred times better than Donald Trump.”

Here’s the complete exchange:

In case anyone missed that conversation, or if they weren’t clear on his opinion of the GOP nominee, Sanders doubled down on Meet the Press. He tells Chuck Todd that Democrats have to come together to defeat Trump, and says,

I think right now what we have got to focus on as Democrats is defeating perhaps the worst Republican candidate that I have seen in my lifetime. Donald Trump would be a disaster for this country. He must be defeated.

THAT should certainly put the matter to rest!

Here are Bernie’s comments on Meet the Press:


Featured image via CNN screen capture

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