Trump Tried To Coin His Own Nickname, So Twitter Decided To Fix It, We All Win (TWEETS)

Donald Trump tried to coin his own nickname, and it worked, only not the way he intended. Instead of latching on to his choice, “Wonderful Donald,” (Yes, really.) Twitter erupted. The hashtag is #GiveTrumpANickname and it is as hilarious as you think.

Trump said during a campaign rally in Hagerstown, Md.:

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An election between Crooked Hillary and Wonderful Donald, it’ll be the biggest, most incredible vote getting election in the history of our country.

America is tired of the sliver of hate-mongers who are trying to foist this racist asshat on us, and his self-aggrandizing and idiotic attempt to call himself “wonderful” was just too much. The backlash, however, is really humorous.

From well thought out, resources cited nicknames:

To stupid, unrealistic ones:

This hashtag is diverse, creative, and funny borrowing from just about every aspect of pop culture:

It can be downright scary too:


Some are almost magical, really:

And some are diabolical, though probably outside of the malingering moguls ability to justify:

So many of them are just dead on:

Others go above and beyond to cover the issue at hand:

This is classic, comedically speaking:

Even Aesop has to respect witty turns of phrases such as this:

Although Mother Goose may not really be happy with this comparison of the innocent Dumpty and Trumpty:

Is it actually hitting below the belt when the body part can be moved above it?:

And then, there is his stellar ability to hold his temper, you know, really keep his cool under pressure:

Donald Trumps attempt to appear “wonderful,” and belittle Hillary Clinton as “Crooked,” (which one of them has been sued more often, again?) backfired in a big way. However we have a lot of really good options now, and it is pretty easy to understand why this one may be the most accurate:

Featured image via Getty Images/Scott Olson, altered

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