Trump Throws EPIC TANTRUM While Whining The ‘Biased’ Media (VIDEO)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke with Fox News’ Howard Kurtz via telephone on Sunday and used his ten minutes of free air time (that most third party candidates would kill for) to rant about how unfairly he feels the media has treated him throughout his campaign.

Trump began his rant by defending his vice presidential running mate Mike Pence after the Indiana governor received flak for declining to call David Duke “deplorable.” Trump said that Pence already condemned Duke anyway, and nothing he could have said would have pleased the press anyway.

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The billionaire then targeted The New York Times and CNN. He described CNN as the “Clinton News Network,” and attacked reporters from the Times for the “horrible things” they posted about him on Twitter (insert pot meets kettle joke here).

He then focused his contempt on Jonathan Martin, a national political correspondent for the Times, stating that he and others are “supposed to be objective reporters.”

Trump also accused Democrats of attempting to rig the presidential debates by criticizing Matt Lauer for his cotton candy, super softball interview earlier in September when both candidates appeared separately on an NBC forum to discuss national security issues. Trump whined that if anything, Lauer was way tougher on him than he was on Clinton.

Kurtz asked Trump why he changed his mind regarding his threat of imposing a media blacklist and the churlish candidate replied:

“They can’t treat me any worse, I might as well let them be there.”

The host did come close to questioning Trump about his inconsistent stance on the Iraq war when he mentioned the lack of evidence that gives credence to Trump’s claim that he opposed the war from the beginning. However, like most Fox News “journalists,” Kurtz kept interview nice and soft, just like Trump likes it.

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