Trump Thought Nobody Would Notice Who Was Holding A ‘Blacks For Trump’ Sign At His Rally (IMAGE)

Donald Trump once foolishly told his supporters to vote for him on November 30th, but he may actually want it to be sooner than the actual date of November 8th so as to prevent him from further embarrassment. It seems he has yet to learn about the very basic concept of campaign optics.

That’s why god gave us Twitter.

Despite (allegedly) spending tons of his own money to hire a supposedly top-notch campaign staff, Trump keeps being put to shame by random people on Twitter. For example, Twitter users couldn’t help but notice a recurring theme that happens during his rallies: The woman holding a “blacks for Trump” sign is very, very white.

Here’s the photo from a rally earlier today in Sanford, Florida:


And here’s a photo from Oct 12th at a rally in Lakeland, Florida:

We’re all still laughing about the time Trump literally pointed to a black man in the crowd and said, “Look at my African-America friend right there!” It was even funnier when we learned the man was NOT a Trump supporter.

It’s clear that Trump’s campaign has struggled to find any minority supporters amid a constant barrage of bigoted remarks made by the candidate himself. At this point, it’s reaching truly desperate levels. Elderly white people, Trump’s one and only demographic edge, have taken to carrying signs expressing the support of African Americans for Trump – a group that hardly exists.


Featured image via screen capture

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