Trump Tells Women Voters To F*ck Off By Picking A Raging Sexist Pig For A V.P. (VIDEO/TWEETS)

Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana, has fought to take women’s reproductive rights away. So, it isn’t shocking that this man would be Trump’s VP pick, because so far, he hasn’t done much that indicates that he gives a crap about winning the female vote.

In light of Pence’s horrible record on women’s rights, this VP pick may just show that Trump thinks that the angry white guy demographic will be able to hand him the election. You see, Mike Pence signed an assinine bill into law, HB 1337, one that required women to carry fetuses with genetic anomalies like Down Syndrome regardless of their wishes.

More than that, even, the bill required that abortion providers bury or cremate fetal tissues. Yet another blatant attempt to force people to see a ball of cells as a person who is viable outside the womb — which is patently ridiculous. Not to mention curtailing the ability to study stem cells for the treatment of disease.

You may remember the hashtag #PeriodsForPence, which was a response to this bill that also forced women seeking an abortion due to FATAL fetal anomaly to receive a pamphlet about FETAL HOSPICE SERVICES.

Yes, even women who decide to terminate after finding out that a wanted pregnancy will result in a painful protracted or sure sudden death must first be told they can allow that fetus to suffer until it dies naturally while they watch. This man signed this bill with a pithy platitude that makes it even sicker.

The Daily Beast said:

It was a bill so extreme and so hastily-passed that, as AP reported, some Republican lawmakers in Indiana were even opposed to it.

In his statement on the bill, Pence said, “I sign this legislation with a prayer that God would continue to bless these precious children, mothers and families.”

After it was signed into law, Hoosier women began calling the governor’s office and, as NPR reported, leaving him detailed messages about women’s health issues—like abortion and menstruation—since the governor seemed to be taking such an avid interest in them.

The bill also calls for women to receive one-on-one counseling that includes this insanity: “human physical life begins when a human ovum is fertilized by a human sperm.” Not at implantation, not when the fetus is growing and healthy, not when it becomes viable outside of its mother — no, during the act of intercourse or shortly after. Two weeks before you can even know you are pregnant. In many cases such fertilized eggs pass through the uterus and do not implant. What a blatant attempt to guilt women into keeping unwanted pregnancies.

(Would that mean that every time a sexually active woman has her period that it could be an abortion?)

Yes, that Mike Pence has just become Trump’s VP. If you need any proof that Trump is completely unaware of his weaknesses (narcissists seldom are) it is this VP pick. It is well known that Trump is weak with women and minority voters, yet picks a man who has already been on the receiving end of our ire for thinking that he could possibly know what is best for women and their health.

Don’t take my word for it though, watch Ana Kasparian eviscerate this VP pick here:

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