Trump Tells Russia They Will Be ‘Rewarded Mightily” If They Hack Clinton’s Emails And Release Them

Donald Trump announced an impromptu press conference on Wednesday morning, presumably because he was going into withdrawal because all the attention hasn’t been focused on him the past couple of days thanks to the Democratic National Convention. During his moment in the spotlight this morning, he actually said that he wanted Russia to release more emails and said they would be “rewarded mightily” for doing so.

Speaking directly to Russia, who is thought to be behind the DNC hack and dumping of 20,000 emails on Friday, Trump called on them to release the 30,000 “missing” emails.

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Russia, if you are listening. I hope you are able to find the 30K emails that are missing. You will be rewarded mightily by the press.

Researchers have traced Guccifer 2.0, the hacker claiming responsibility for the breach of the DNC, back to a Russian internet server. Trump and Putin have had a brewing bromance for months and it is widely believed that the Russian government was behind the hack in an attempt to help Trump win the election.

Trump has denied this, but his words are far from convincing, especially after today’s press conference. He also swore on Wednesday morning that he will never release his tax returns. Ever.

Watch Trump promise Russia that they will be “rewarded mightily” for releasing the remaining 30,000 emails here:

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