Trump Tells CIA Staff They ‘May Get Another Chance’ To Invade Iraq, Room Falls Dead Silent (VIDEO)

Trump hastily scheduled a bizarre meeting with a gathering of CIA officials and staffers on Saturday and things quickly spiraled out of control.

For starters, Trump’s “meeting” was little more than a glorified campaign rally – Trump appears to still be under the impression he’s running for president – and so a group of several hundred well-trained, experienced CIA agents, officials, and staffers had to sit through Trump lying about how massive his inauguration crowd size was and an odd tangent about how he’s “like a smart person.”

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The whole thing was weird – and inappropriate. Former CIA head John Brennan called the spectacle a “despicable display of self-aggrandizement.”

But things would only get wierder when Trump turned his attention to Iraq. While stating that he was “no fan” of the invasion, he swung wildly into a statement about the importance of stealing Iraq’s oil should the United States ever invade the country again. The idea was so preposterous that many in the crowd audibly laughed – assuming it was a joke.

Trump apparently wasn’t kidding. He went on to suggest that maybe the CIA and the U.S. military would have another chance at getting Iraq’s oil – a chilling promise that caused the room to go dead silent.

That’s the sound of 400 CIA employees going from “haha! Is this guy serious?” to “Oh shit, this guy is serious…” And for anyone who thinks getting out of the disastrous Iraq War was one of Obama’s greatest achievements, Trump’s apparent desire to go back and get the loot is bone-chilling. He’s just crazy enough to try it. Making matters worse, his arrogance and ignorance make the Bush administration look competent. In Trump’s mind, with him at the helm, America would “win” this time.

“Boy if you give [the military] the right direction, boy does the fighting become easier. And boy do we lose so fewer lives and win so quickly…”

This is Donald Trump – a failed businessman and full-time fraud lecturing the CIA on how his military direction could have won the Iraq War faster, with fewer deaths, and all of Iraq’s oil.

It’s hard to know exactly what the CIA officials were thinking during this unhinged display of mania, but the silence in the room by the end kind of says it all.

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