Trump Surrogate Slams Tim Kaine For Speaking Spanish At Rally: ‘Didn’t Need A Translator” For Trump

There are many things that Donald Trump’s surrogates and supporters have in common. I’m sure you can make your own (long) list. Up towards the top of my list is that they have no irony sensor. They can’t understand it when it’s shown to them and they really can’t understand it when they create it. Such was the case with Scottie Nell Hughes on Saturday.

Ms. Hughes, the political editor at, was the “woman Trump supporter” Saturday Night Live spoofed back in April. Yeah, that one. Why CNN keeps inviting her to speak on their broadcasts is beyond me; SNL is on hiatus, after all.

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Poor Wolf Blitzer was burdened on Saturday with having to “interview” Hughes — let’s face it, these aren’t so much interviews as they are “sitting back and trying not to facepalms” — about the Clinton/Kaine rally in Florida. Hughes offered some word salad about Trump and immigrants, and how Kaine was trying to divide America (um, no… Girl, educate yourself!). She “appreciated” the multiculturalism and that Kaine spoke Spanish, but pointed out that Melania Trump could have come out and spoken any of her five different languages. That probably wouldn’t have played well to the RNC crowd, though this apparently never crosses her mind. But you know the great thing?

What Mr. Trump did, he spoke in a language that all Americans can understand. That is English.

Well, duh. The mob crowd at Trump’s RNC speech would have rioted had Trump spoken even a bit of Spanish. Somehow, they let it slide that Kentucky State Senator Ralph Alvarado spoke at the convention. Of course, he spoke pretty early on Day 3 when the majority of the attendees were making their Starbuck’s runs.

But you know what the greatest thing was? The thing that Scottie Nell Hughes loved most of all?

I didn’t have to get a translator for anything that was going on at the RNC this week. And I’m hoping I’m not gonna have to kinda start brushing up on my Dora the Explorer to understand some of the speeches given next week.

Yeah. Right there with ya. And the Republicans wonder why Hispanics are avoiding them like the plague. Even after the 2012 “GOP autopsy,” the party of white privilege just can’t help itself. They are going to be so surprised when their share of the Hispanic vote is lower than Limbaugh’s ratings.

Scottie Nell Hughes is a prime example of why the GOP is dying. The irony is that she thinks that she is being multicultural when she name checks Dora the Explorer. That, to her — and the rest of the GOP — is the epitome of acceptance of Hispanics. They. Just. Don’t. Get. It. And they never will.

Here’s the clip:

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