Trump Surrogate Says Hillary Is A Bigot Because She Is Bigoted Against Bigots (VIDEO)

The word of the week in the Trump campaign is “bigot.” The last few days have been a whirlwind of accusations from Trump and his surrogates, saying that Hillary Clinton is one. But on Sunday, one Trump spokesperson gave the most interesting explanation so far for why Clinton is a bigot. Apparently it’s because she’s bigoted against bigots.

Scottie Nell Hughes, one of Trump’s main spokespersons, joined a discussion on CNN’s Reliable Sources where she offered her interesting take on the debate about bigots. The clip starts with host Brian Stelter asking MTV News correspondent Jamil Smith for his thoughts on whether the argument over who is a bigot is serving to further inflame racial tensions. Smith replies that he has never been of the opinion that talking about racism was a bad thing. He follows that by noting that since Trump has chosen to put Steve Bannon, who Smith calls “the head of Breitbart, a ‘proud’ alt-right site,” in charge of his campaign, “what we need to do is really examine what that means.”

Stelter asks Smith what Bannon’s appointment means to him. “To me it’s a rebranding of white supremacy,” Smith replies. He goes on to say that he believes Breitbart is trying to find a way to make sure that white supremacist views become “mainstream.” He believes that thanks to the Trump campaign, “they are finding a way to do that.”

Next Stelter turns to Hughes. He asks if the recent coverage of racial issues has been fair to Trump. Hughes responds that we are “redefining what ‘fair’ means in this election season.” And with that she swings the conversation to an attack on Clinton.

Hughes first mentions Hillary’s “bad week” without offering any details about what made it bad, then brings up Trump’s pathetic photo op in Louisiana. When she starts to talk about her belief that Clinton is concerned about the African-American vote, Stelter cuts her off, saying that he wants to stay focused on race.

Stelter asks Hughes if Trump has made her job harder by trying to brand Clinton as a “bigot.” Hughes replies that she doesn’t believe bigotry is only about race, and cites a definition of the word, saying a bigot is someone who is “small-minded.”

My dictionary defines “bigot” as “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.” Which of course is the perfect description of the average member of the GOP base. But Hughes thinks it is an apt term for Hillary.

Hughes goes on to say that while Jamil Smith might call the folks at Breitbart “racists,” she disagrees. According to her, the Breitbart universe is made up of

“God fearing, baby loving, gun toting, military supporting, school choice advocating Americans who love this country.”

She forgot to add, “while hating about half of the people who live in it.”

Here’s the conversation, via CNN:

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Featured image via CNN

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