Trump-Supporting Congressman: ‘Sometimes A Lady Needs To Be Told When She’s Being Nasty’ (AUDIO)

Texas Representative Brian Babin, who aligns with the Tea Party and has a 100 percent conservative voting record, was on the “Alan Colmes Show” where he was questioned about Trump’s now infamous “nasty woman” remark during the last presidential debate. The inappropriate quip has garnered quite some attention from women around the country.

Alan Colmes cornered Babin, asking, “He called her a nasty woman. Is that appropriate?”

Babin said he was “a genteel Southerner” and that is why he believes Trump’s words were appropriate. Then came this lovely response:

“I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty.”

Yes, that’s right, ladies, we need to be told when we are being nasty and apparently old men are the ones tasked with the job. This guy’s comment sounds like it’s straight out of the 1950s when “father knows best” and the little lady needed to just mind to her cooking, sewing and child rearing, unless the children need a spanking – then just wait until daddy gets home.

Ugh! Who the hell do these men think they are?

Newsflash, fellas, it’s 2016. Women don’t “need to be told” to stifle it. Men don’t need to “correct” women nor do women need to be “kept in their place” – which is exactly what it sounds like when this guy speaks about Trump’s remark.

It’s absolutely disgusting that men like this are in positions of authority, but there is a way to stop them: Vote!

Brian Babin is up for re-election. His challenger is Hal Ridley Jr. who is running on the Texas Green Party. There is no Democratic challenger. At this point, Texas women should rally behind Ridley, if for no other reason than he isn’t Brian Babin.

Listen to Brian Babin defend Trump’s remarks, here:

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