Trump Supporters Victim-Blame 69-Year-Old Woman Who Was Punched In The Face At Rally

The Trump Campaign has latched on to Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment and isn’t letting go. They are attempting to deny the indisputable evidence that many of Trump’s supporters are truly deplorable human beings. His supporters feed on bigotry. They feed on racism. They thrive on violence and hate. We know this. Polls have provided evidence of it. Their behavior at Trump rallies prove it.

Time after time we have seen reports of violence breaking out at the Republican Presidential candidate’s campaign rallies. Trump even made offers to pay some of his supporters’ legal fees during the primaries if they were arrested for violent outbursts.

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Deplorable is a word that fits them well and they are absolutely doing everything they can to live up to the title.

When a conservative blog ran the story about 69-year-old Shirley Teter being punched in the face at Trump’s Ashville, North Carolina rally, some of Trump’s finest applauded the assault. So many, in fact, I had to stop screen capturing them. Here are 30 of the worst. Yes, 30!

First there were the people who claim it was all make-believe and that Teter is a DNC plant. Everything is a conspiracy. These people go NOWHERE without their tin foil hats.


This comment has 390 likes. Yes, that’s right, 390 other fellow Trump supporters think this guy is right-on. Let that sink in for just a moment.

Of course, he wasn’t the only one that was sure this was organized by Hillary. These people seemed to think the same thing, and this is just a small sample of those crying “set up!”

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Yeah, because Trump really needs people to help him look bad. OMG! These people could be voting.

The sheer volume of people who proclaimed she got what she deserved is astounding, though. These conservative goons seem to forget that free speech is protected and assault is illegal. The fact that there are this many comments echoing the same hateful sentiment could be captured, with many more left on the site, speaks volumes about Trump’s base.

Some are under the impression that constitutional rights end based upon age or illness, saying she had no business being outside the Trump rally protesting.

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Others just stuck with straight victim-blaming saying she got what she deserved. A few even said they would do it themselves if they had the chance.

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Well, that looks like people who belong in a “basket of deplorables” to me.

These people will be in election booths this November with the goal of electing Donald Trump. They clearly don’t have the ability to comprehend the principles of the U.S. Constitution that guide this country. Their horse in this race is to serve up their candidate as a giant middle finger to the progress which has been made, with no other goal than taking us backwards.

Don’t give them that power. Don’t let their hate win. Show up at the polls and vote.

These people will be there. Will you be?

Featured image via video screen capture

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