Trump Supporters Stoop To New Low; Taunt Mother Of 7-Year-Old With Disabilities At Rally (VIDEO)

According to the Denver Channel, a Colorado woman and her 7-year-0ld disabled daughter had to be escorted from a Trump rally by Secret Service agents after some of Trump’s deplorables began heckling and screaming at them.  Jennifer Mau said she wanted to check out Trump’s rally with her special needs 7-year-old daughter because of Trump’s history of disparaging people with disabilities.

The Denver Channel reports that she and “brought her 7-year-old daughter, who has disabilities, to the rally as to know more about the Republican candidate for president.”

“When we were leaving, somebody said, ‘Why are you leaving?’ and basically struck a nerve,” Mau said, adding that she questioned why a person with a handicap would be at a Trump rally in the first place. “I said, ‘Why are you here? – Because it was all handicapped people. Why are you here? He makes fun of people like you.’”

Rather than let her leave, Trump supporters started harassing the pair, shouting that Trump was being misunderstood and if Mau truly cared for her daughter she would vote for him.

Trump supporters fall into two categories: miserably uninformed white trash and easily startled white people susceptible to fear-mongering. Of course, it’s the former of the two that is the loudest.

It got so bad that Secret Service agents eventually stepped in and escorted them out of the rally.

Watch the report below:
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Featured image via screencapture

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