Trump Supporter Shouting Nazi Anti-Media Slogan In German At Trump Rally Goes Viral (VIDEO)

It is largely known that Donald Trump supporters tend to be very bigoted. All one has to do is go to Trump’s Twitter feed, or any area of the internet where online Trumpism is prominent, to see this phenomenon. The same is true of Trump’s rallies, where his rabid fans feel more than comfortable being just as racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, and otherwise bigoted as they are from behind their keyboard. Therefore, it is in no way surprising that a Trump supporter was seen screaming Nazi propaganda on tape.

This lovely gentleman was caught screaming “Lugenpresse!” which is German for “lying press” right outside the press pen at a Trump rally. This is about the most offensive anti-media slogan out there, considering it was used during the Nazi era to disparage the media. Here’s tape of this particular deplorable:

If anyone had any doubt as to what Trump and his followers are about, wonder no more. Here is your proof. And before you say “well this is just one stupid supporter” or something to that effect – nope, wrong again. This is a feature of the Trump campaign, not a bug. Go ahead to the Alt-Right website Breitbart, which is run by Trump’s campaign CEO Steve Bannon, to see much, much more of these sorts of activities.

This is just another piece of proof that Donald Trump is literally running to be America’s own Hitler.

Featured image via video screen capture

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